Hello world.

The world of football is littered with stories that rarely get told.

Sometimes, these forgotten tales are far more interesting that those that are regularly trotted out in the press.

There can’t be many people left who don’t know that Lionel Messi was signed to Barcelona with a contract written on the back of a napkin, or the Danish national side were all on holiday when they were drafted into Euro 92.

These stories used to have that quirky, interesting quality that is sometimes missing from the media-saturated world of modern football.

Given how often they’re trotted out by columnists, co-commentators and aspiring bloggers, much of this impact has been lost.

Hopefully, this is where I come in.

There are so many other people, events and places that deserve the spotlight on them, and they’re often far more amusing than the established canon.

I’ll try to bring some of these anecdotes to the public eye, and hopefully spread the word of the forgotten side of football.

Coming soon will be the tale of the greatest manager you’ve never heard of, the coach who could have revolutionised British football and profile the real rising power of European football.

So have a read, spread the word and if you want to suggest a topic for the blog tweet me @djamieson91.



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